Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best shoes or whatever for concrete for 13 hour days?

my feet legs and back hurt all the time from being on concrete for long period of times what is the best shoes or whatever to help i tried dr scholls with all differnet insoles

Best shoes or whatever for concrete for 13 hour days?
whatever shoes you get, put in a thick insole, it will help tremendously.
Reply:Use the yellow boots usually worn by people that deal with the sewer and a complete gel insole(one that your whole foot sits on)
Reply:I would suggest finding a store near you (or online) that sells shoes for nurses and other medical professionals. Nursing shoes are made to be extremely supportive for people who stand or walk on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

I have purchased great supportive nursing shoes from Marcus Uniforms for both myself and my husband.

I'm assuming that you are standing on concrete for long periods of time at your job. There are several types of mats that employers can buy that would help. You may have seen some of these types of mats in restaurants, they are often on the floor near the grill and near the cash register.

Most retail stores also have these mats at their cash registers for their cashiers to help reduce foot/leg/back fatigue and pain for their employees who do so much standing in one place all day. You might consider asking your employer if they would be willing to purchase this type of shock reducing floor mat.
Reply:I have a job that requires similar hours on my feet. Here are a few options:

1. Dose up on advil every few hours, it will take the edge off.

2. Find a good pair of shoes with good support and preferably leather (it breathes and stretches)

or find a pair of good orthotics. Superfeet makes a great one that I've used and gotten good results from. You can find them at running shops and occasionally a sporting goods store.

Some shoe suggestions:

- (they look dorky, but the nurses I know that wear them wouldn't trade them for anything, and they have all sorts of styles) One guy told me that he puts his 200$ running shoes on after his shift of wearing the coil ones and it feels like he's stepping into a crappy 10$ pair.

-Dansko. I wear a pair and love them. Great support!

-Birkenstocks: Also amazing. Good support and they mold to your feet.

The bottom're going to have to invest a bit. It sucks, but in the long run it helps out a ton.

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