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My feet ache from standing all day, help!?

I work at a warehouse where im standing and walking around all day on cement floor with steel toe shoes on. My feet ache by the end of the day which makes my whole body hurt. It seems the insoles ive tried only work for the first few days and then they feel just as flat as the shoe. Does anyone have any ideas on how to ease the pain while at work? Also how can i come home and exercise to lose weight when im exausted and my legs and feet ache? I just dont get it.

My feet ache from standing all day, help!?
Please do not take this as I am trying to be rude, I am just giving you and honest answer. If you are overweight, then you could walk on pillows at work and your feet would still ache. There is too much pressure on your feet and stress on your joints and bones. First, you need to lose weight. If it is too painful to exercise, look into a diet program that does not require exercise. After you lose 10lbs, you will feel significantly better...and your feet will hurt less. Do this until your weight comes down and you are able to exercise....and before you know it your feet will not hurt (as bad anyway) and your weight will be down! In the mean time, girl you work hard, go get a foot massage once a week as a treat, you deserve it. Good luck :)
Reply:My mom use to work at a store that has carpet covered concrete. You may want to consult a podiatrist. Be certain to take your breaks and you may trying to elevate them when you get the breaks. Be careful as far as exercising when you leave work, that may not be such a good idea.Soaking in a hot bath sounds more beneficial, Standing for so long cause bad varicose veins or even blood clots.
Reply:yes. it is natural. you are always rounding and standing without giving any rest to the feet. do one thing. before going to bed, put your feet in the hot water 15 to 20 minits sitting in a chair. (too hot not necessary) you feel relief. but, you should continue this for 10 to 15 days. you can get relief. it is my experience.
Reply:soak them in very warm water with 3 TBSP epsom salt dissolved in it...if you don't have any, use peppermint oil, if you have none of that, use just plain soapy water...but part of the key is get the water as warm as you can stand it and let them soak till the water is cooled down...

while at work, use GEL insoles, the thicker the better, and always soak them when you get home...
Reply:try soaking your feet and massaging them with peppermint lotion.see about a new job
Reply:I too have a job where I am on my feet much of the day. As a result, I developed plantar fasciitis. If you search that term you will find some websites with helpful tips. The things that helped the most are-

1 Orthotics- arched insoles that are made especially for the

shape of your feet. A bit pricey but worth it. You should wear them with shoes that are flat inside and that are designed to limit foot movement in the shoe.

2 Anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen or naprosyn. Take with food and only take the recommended dose. I only use this when it gets bad, best to limit its use.

3 Ice- apply to your feet once a day for about 15 minutes. You can put some ice in a plastic bag or use those cold packs you can put in the freezer. I know it's uncomfortable, but it will make a difference. First it will feel cold, then hot, then numb. You want to get to the numb stage, since this will really help bring down the inflammation in the tissue. Once this is under control you won't need to ice them except for flare-ups.

4 Stretching exercises- basically the same stretches you do to loosen your hamstrings and your Achilles tendon at the back of your ankle. If you don't know what those are any Physical Therapist (or maybe a personal trainer) can teach you. If you get in the habit of doing them every morning, you will prevent future flare-ups. A good physical therapist can also use tools like ultrasound or massage to loosen the tissue.

5 Rest- yes it helps, but let's get real. Who has time for that?

I also tried acupuncture, which helped somewhat. However, I would have needed to get treatments at least 2 or 3 times a week to have lasting benefit and my insurance would not cover that. I am pretty much assuming you have plantar fasciitis or something similar, since that is the most common cause of foot pain related to standing and being on your feet all day. Of course, it could be something different in your case. Have a doctor evaluate it if it doesn't get better. Good Luck

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